Join us in 2020 for a Transformational Spiritual Retreat!



Welcome to Spirituality Beyond Borders! We are Robert and Suzanne Firestine (Si Gong and Bright Star). We created Spirituality Beyond Borders as a love-filled, judgment-free haven for people of all faiths and pathways to explore this great mystery, beyond the boundaries of tradition, doctrine, and belief systems. Our discussion groups, workshops and retreats are safe and sacred places to experience, heal, grow and expand the borders of your faith. We will love and accept you as you are while providing opportunities for you to build bridges into the deeper waters of your heart. We respect your free-will and autonomy, and have no set beliefs, rules, or restrictions to impose on you.

We invite you to attend our events if the desire of your heart is to:

  • Awaken to your true self
  • Be loved and accepted for who you are
  • Shine your light in the world
  • Experience Divine Love
  • Experience God in nature, God within you, God beyond you, God in each other
  • Enter into enlightened Relationship with God, Humanity and Creation Through Love
  • Navigate your life with Love



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