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Welcome to Spirituality Beyond Borders! We are Si Gong and Bright Star, and we are on an amazing spiritual adventure of service to humanity. We are two open-minded, non-judgmental, loving spiritual teachers, martial artists, and writers who are traveling the world giving a message of Divine Love, offering guidance, sharing a bit of wisdom and shining a light.

God exists within and beyond the borders of words, beliefs, religions, and our consciousness. We all know this world is not an easy place to be born into and it didn’t come with an instruction manual. We were both badly beaten up and hanging on by a thread until the experience of God began to heal our brokenness and change us from the inside out. God’s love allowed us to see the light in ourselves and others, and we awoke to our own divinity as children of the Divine – beautiful spirits having a human experience. And where our hearts were once dying of thirst, they are now overflowing with love for all.

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